The UK Franchise Industry Has Never Been Stronger For Women In Business

The UK franchise industry has never been stronger, especially when it comes to female led franchises.  In the last five years alone the franchise industry has seen an increase of almost 10% of franchises being owned by women.  That now means around 30% of the UK’s 40,000 franchises are owned by women.  With The Athena Network proudly having 100% female franchise owners.

Why the healthy increase in female entrepreneurship?

There are a number of factors which have led to this upsurge in women joining the franchise industry.  Some of the most prominent are being able to join a proven business model, all good franchises have made the early start up mistakes so you don’t have to!  You are aligned with a strong brand that is recognised and growing.  Not only that but the freedom of having your own business has never been more appealing and accessible. The funding process has been made a priority for business start-up, especially for female entrepreneurs.  Coupled with a successful proven model, the chances of securing funding are dramatically increased.  At The Athena Network we have forged a great relationship with Outset Finance in securing funding for some of our Regional Directors.

Women share specific entrepreneurial skills such as being great communicators, excellent at building relationships and nurturing their client database.  With customer service skills being said to be as important as the product/service being made available, these characteristics are vital. 

A franchise can give you freedom, flexibility and financial security to name a few.

Female Entrepreneurship On The Rise

The number of women starting their own business is on the rise.  Reasons for this are less stability in employment than in previous decades of choosing a career, working your way up, getting a good pension and then retiring.  The gender pay gap is still a factor in driving many women to start their own business.

The Definitive Study of the Self-Employed, commissioned by Intuit QuickBooks, has brought out figures on self-employed workers earning an average of £33,000 a year, thats about £5,000 more than the UK average.

The allure of better financial rewards, extra time available, and the ability to choose a career you love and the freedom it offers your lifestyle choices.

Starting a business has never been easier with technological advancements, the opportunity to work remotely has never been simpler. WI-FI enables you to work form almost anywhere.  Costs are down for website creation, CRM systems and the huge power of social media marketing.  You are able to reach your ideal client from the touch of a button.

The UK ‘gig economy’ has made working as a contractor for companies the norm.