What's The Cost

The simple fact is that we want YOU and many others to be able to benefit from being your own boss by running your own Athena networking groups.

Many franchisees today cost upwards of £10,000, £20,000 or even £30,000 + VAT initial investment PLUS ongoing charges of 20%+ of turnover or profits AND often a requirement for additional working capital that can sometimes be 2 or 3 times the initial investment! It’s frightening just considering some of the franchisees available today!

The investment for an Athena Franchise is  £14,950 + VAT  OK, let’s talk business! At the end of the day, whilst you might enjoy the social aspect and the tremendous sense of pride and fulfilment in your groups, you need this venture to be profitable.

If you would like a chat about Athena or you have some questions, then please schedule a Discovery Call.

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What's The Earning Potential?

Here’s how the numbers can look in your first year, based on managing 4 groups;

Sales: £30,990
Costs: £5,269
Operating Profit: £25,721*

*Based on actual earnings of a franchisee.  The profit can be less or more, depending on the number of members in a group.

It is expected that many franchisees will opt to purchase additional territories once they appreciate how simple it is so manage. Imagine the earning potential if you managed two exclusive territories (same system, just a few more hours work).


Operating Profit is prior to Franchisee remuneration, repayments on capital, bank charges, tax, and other overheads associated with running the business (although the latter should not be significant).

Projections are estimates of sales and costs and are not a guarantee of results. Each Franchisees success will depend on their own efforts, skills, and other factors.

Elements of your business expenses can be offset for personal tax. Working from home you can offset a proportion of your heating and lighting, any of your computer costs, internet connection and travelling expenses.

Building An Asset For The Future

It is not uncommon in franchising for the franchisee to have to “buy back” their territory after the 5 year contractual period has ended.  We don’t do that.  We are invested in the financial future of our franchisees which is why at our induction training we put in place a plan for the future that includes the option of selling your franchise.

When your franchise is due to renew we do not ask you to buy it back but encourage you to renew your agreement for the next 5 years or consider selling.  If you choose the latter we support you through the process.  Many of franchisees who have sold have generated £30K+ per annum and sold their territory at more than double that they paid for it!

We are committed to your success, that makes sense when you consider that our business is about creating community  We intend to help you grow and build a business that you love and that is profitable.  This is an incredible asset in your financial portfolio.

What Is Your Investment?

For an exclusive territory of 4 groups, the investment is £14,950 + VAT  Remember, if you have already done some research and taken a look at the market you will know that this is, in comparison to many other franchise opportunities, with the same promised return on investment, this is a nominal amount. Other benefits of this purchase price are;

  1. A four figure income (every month) when you have complete groups
  2. A business that is growing at a tremendous rate and offers members great value for money.
  3. The flexibility to work when you want
  4. A support team for all your business development

And, a worthwhile investment that you can build and develop knowing it will be worth a great deal of money and that having developed it following ‘The Athena Way’ you’ll be able to sell it in the future. The success of Athena is testament to the viability of the business and it is important that all prospective Franchisees understand that the potential for profit is always there for those with the will to work smart and the desire to succeed.

Financial Help & Support

Finances are a key consideration for many of our franchisees. Listed below are a couple of financial options for you to consider when purchasing a franchise …

We offer an ‘easy pay’ payment plan (ask for the details when we speak)

When opening a new business account banks will typically offer you an overdraft facility. Negotiate a rate and low interest payments that enable you to pay back the overdraft quickly.

The most common reason women are not able to proceed with the purchase of a new business is a lack of investment. The best question to ask is always …

“Is there funding available?”

We are always happy to reply …

“If you are in the UK, yes! The Athena Network have a government funding partner, Outset Finance Enterprising Women, who can help part or full fund your franchise fee.”

At The Athena Network, we understand the importance of gathering relevant and accurate information about potential opportunities before making an informed business decision. We also understand that choosing which franchise to invest in can be a daunting experience.

If you ready to take the next step with us you will complete the ‘Government Funding Request’ so that we can submit your request to start your new business! The payment terms can be as long as 5 years which means that you pay for the business as membership comes in!

Read about one of our Regional Directors who was supported by the Government Loan https://www.outsetfinance.com/success-stories/emma-rundle-athena-network/

We’ve Invested So You Don’t Have To …

You could of course have developed a networking organisation of your own! As you can imagine, the level of investment needed to create your own business and supporting infrastructure is significant. What started as a quest to fulfil a personal requirement to build a client pipeline formed the basis of a full business model for the national network that has been created.

That doesn’t come cheap! The initial outlay for a business start up is often the most expensive one all of that is avoided when you purchase a franchise.

We Have Saved You Time AND Money …

If you could put your life on hold, and time, money and networking knowledge and skills were freely at your disposal, you could of course have developed a networking organisation for yourself – why do that when we have created the opportunity for you that means that you pick up and start to run your own business immediately

How Does It Work?

When we work in partnership with our franchisees we are not just selling them a franchise, not just selling them an Athena territory, we are selling a life style choice and consider ourselves to be a part of that.

We are passionate about supporting our franchisees create financial freedom and a future that includes managing a business that they love.

What Would Happen If I Purchased A Franchise

You will be building a business that has considerable value and is a unique and flexible product that you will be proud of and your members delighted to be a part of.

What Next?

Contact us to request more information. Let us know what territory you would be interested in so that we can support you in your decision and ensure that you have sufficient scope in your territory to be successful.

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What Helps Make The Perfect Franchise Opportunity

If you’ve always wanted to run your own business, operate from home, earn a great income and dramatically improve the quality of your work life balance then you will find that the Athena business opportunity that will let you achieve all this and much more …

Modest start up costs can tempt investors into franchising (Headline – Daily Mail – April 24th 2006)

“Small can be beautiful but also profitable, don’t let the lack of big money spoil your franchise hopes or business opportunities. It’s important to us that you take due diligence and the same level of care that you would take if you were spending a lot of money

Having the right level of support will give you the confidence and direction to run your business successfully enabling you to take control of your life.”

While your franchise may be the biggest investment you ever make, fortunately failure is rare. According to Natwest/British Franchise Magazine, less than 1% of franchises failed in 2005 and the figure is falling!