Still Undecided? … More Reasons to Consider an Athena Franchise …

  1. Potential Market – On average, each territory has up to 6,000 of small/medium businesses in it. That’s a huge market potential for your groups.
  2. Experience & Skills – You may feel that you don’t have the necessary business skills to do this but let me assure you, as long as you like and are happy talking to and meeting new people then we’ll show you the rest. Our complete business package provides you with all the information and training you’ll need to succeed.
  3. Can I Do It? – As long as you’ve committed yourself mentally to your new business then YOU CAN succeed. You’ll need to be self disciplined and prepared to put some hard work in to get going but as long as you follow our tried and tested systems then you CAN do it!
  4. Support – Not only do you have email and telephone support from us but you’ll also be able to talk to and become involved with other Athena business franchisees to share experiences and learning during the Regional Directors Development Days and on ‘The Athena Way’.
  5. Resources – You’ll have access to our central resource area where you see an ever growing archive of online support, new business templates and sales training and presentation tools, ready made press releases and much more.
  6. Isolation – You’re not alone. You’ll always be welcome to just pick up the phone and say hello if you need a bit of a boost, feedback or whatever. Everyone has an off day and we’re here to help you through it!
  7. Sales Ability – You have a huge advantage here as the proposition you are able to make virtually sells itself – BUT – you will have to do some work and we’ll help you with your presentations and meeting preparation (they’re in the pack). We can also provide online and teleconference training courses too, so you’ll never be lacking in confidence and knowledge.
  8. Costs – This is the great bit! Your Athena business franchise will cost you a fraction of the cost of the vast majority of franchises available today.
  9. What’s In The Package – EVERYTHING! Yes absolutely EVERYTHING that you will need to run, manage and develop YOUR OWN local networking organisation that can generate you an income of over £2000 per month working part-time around your family life or substantially more run as a full-time business and with additional territories.

‘The Athena Way’ a step by step guide takes you through every stage you’ll need to ensure your business runs smoothly.

How to…

  1. Set up online banking and payment accounts
  2. Market your business in your local community
  3. Develop ongoing client relationships
  4. Run your accounts quickly and accurately
  5. Set up your home office to work for you
  6. Manage your time around your family life
  7. Top tips for encouraging visitors to contact you
  8. Track income and expenditure
  9. Choose an accountant

…and much, much more!

You get absolutely everything you need to ensure that your Athena franchise is the business opportunity which allows you to free up the time you want to do the things that you want to do, while earning the money you want to support the lifestyle you desire.

One [nearly] final, but very important point…

The business opportunity is great but what I get the greatest satisfaction from is seeing the confidence of our members grow as they are encouraged to make connections that enable them to grow more profitable businesses themselves.

Now, how much is it worth to you to have a business that generates serious full-time earnings and that only requires part-time hours?

A business that you can fit in around your other commitments?
A business that gives you considerable time off?
A business that will give you such high levels of satisfaction and pride?
If you’re like me an opportunity like that would be worth a fortune to you.

What Happens Next?

Once we have established that your area is available and if you decide that you are seriously interested you will be able to reserve your territory by paying a £500 deposit (refunded if you are not successful with your application. This will ‘hold’ your area for you for 30 days during which time you’ll need to go through the application process, get all your questions answered.

Schedule a Discovery Call with me or email us to advise that you would like to access the Franchise Prospectus and find out EVEN MORE about the opportunity than we have detailed here.

Given the marketing we have planned, and the members of our groups who have already expressed an interest you really can’t afford to hang around if this of interest to you.

Get in touch.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call on 020 8144 7982

Whatever your decision we wish you every success in everything that you do.

To Your Success,

Jacqueline Rogers
Founder of The Athena Network

P.S. Less than 1% of franchises failed in 2005 and the number is dropping.

P.P.S. Don’t worry about your own skills or experience, the Athena business franchise is a COMPLETE ready made business with all the training, information and support you’ll need to succeed. Almost anybody from any walk of life can run an Athena business franchise!