How Are The Territories Decided?

The Athena Network Franchise Owners secure the rights to operate the Athena Way service in an exclusive territory.

These rights and responsibilities are drawn up in the franchise agreement. This legal agreement clearly sets out the roles of both of both Franchisor and Franchise Owner.

We have worked closely with a company called Tech4T who have carefully and deliberately decided on territories based on the following;

  • Post Codes
  • Businesses per Postcode

What Does This Mean For Me?

Typically an Athena Franchise territory consists of approximately 6,ooo businesses. This means that your business has plenty of potential businesses in order for your franchise to thrive.

Which Areas Are Available?

You will find all areas that we are looking to launch new groups as pin drops in the map on the right of this text.  If you do not see any area that you are interested however, do still get in contact with us for more information.  From time to time Regional Director’s will come to the difficult decision of reselling their territory as their other business has grown or they are seeking retirement and we may not always publicise the resale.  So it’s always worth getting in touch rather than assuming it won’t be available.

How Will I Know I Have Chosen The Correct Territory?

We encourage you to have done your research in the region you’d like to invest in.  Generally a Regional Director will already be networking in that region but not always and have a good understanding of the region.

Rest assured we are not leaving it all for you to find out, below are some other factors we consider together.

  • Territory Knowledge

    That we have sufficient knowledge of the area and that there are enough women in business to invite to The Athena Network events who would then become members

  • Competitive Analysis

    As well as the data provided by Tech4T we carry out a competitive analysis to ensure that there is a demand in the opportunity.

  • Your Local Knowledge

    Your knowledge of the local area is invaluable to us and we always have a conversation with you about it before you commit to a territory.

  • Demand

    We need to be completely sure that there is sufficient demand for our services in a territory before we make it available.  You can be sure that we have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s before we offer it.