Why Would YOU Be Interested In Athena? ...

To fully understand why I am so passionate about Athena you might want to consider what would excite you about running a business of your own that attracts such a high turnover for part time hours per week.


The ability to work the days and hours you want to when you want to. If you are choosing to go to the networking lunches in your territory (and we strongly recommend that you do) then you would need to pencil out a minimum of one lunch per week.


This is your business, you’re the boss. You are not on your own though, we’re always on hand to help and support you and with ‘The Athena Way’ as a guide you quite literally can tick off your activities on a daily basis giving you freedom to enjoy your days.


You’ll generate a great new income on your terms. There’s every reason you can earn a ‘full-time’ income, from £2,000 – £3,000, for part time hours.

Many franchisors have more than one territory and others are talking of taking on another territory … you may think that means that they would work more hours. Not so! They will have set up their groups so that they can run smoothly whether they are attending the lunch or not.


Often more important than all the other benefits, your new improved quality of life for YOU and YOUR family is impossible to put a value on. What we can say is that quality of life will improve your relationships, your health and your sense of well being.


You just need to speak to any of our Regional Directors (franchisees) to understand the fun that they have as a franchisee. The meetings are motivational, inspirational and fun and the Regional Directors, who get together frequently at Regional Development Days and can honestly say that they have fun running their business.


You’ll have a huge feeling of pride in what you are doing for the women in your local community. Financial benefits are just one part of the great difference on your life, the confidence you develop as a result of supporting and inspiring women in business is immeasurable.


You’ll be a respected member of your community. You will find, as I did, that you become the mentor to women who have struggled to build their business previously and by providing them with a simple forum to promote their business, create connections and inspire each other attracts the respect of these ladies. You are still part of a team … whenever you feel a member presents you with a challenge you don’t feel qualified to support we are on the end of the telephone.


You can create a strong part-time business that will continue to grow year on year and generate a great ongoing income. Approximately 90% of our members renew their membership, which means that you can project your earnings in future years effectively

‘Feeding’ Your Business

It is commonly known that if you want to learn you should teach. From my experience if you want to learn how to network with excellence then running a networking organisation is certainly the most effective way to learn

This opportunity that not only brings in an additional income stream but would also feed an additional business. Regional Directors are in a high profile position, the ‘go-to’ people and we have found that as well as an increase in income through Athena there is the added bonus of more ladies becoming aware of any other businesses you own.

How Much Work Is Involved? ...

Now, let me be clear at this point. Athena is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. It is important to emphasise that this is an established franchised business and we will only accept ladies who are as committed to the growth as we are. It does offer really great levels of earnings and fantastic levels of pride and fulfilment – but you do need to put in work!

However, because the groups only meet once a month, and because the groups grow by word of mouth the amount of work needed is genuinely part-time.

It takes approximately 10 hours per group per month to set and support a group until it reaches it’s optimum size of 25 members. Once a group reaches this point, it becomes ‘low maintenance’ and will take less time per group, per month to support, you will need to allow for additional time if you intend to be at the meetings (Regional Directors who attend the meetings have the most success).

It is really down to you how you are able to manage your time effectively to run your groups and when you want to devote time to it. Many of our Regional Directors have multiple businesses and fit their Athena business in around it and I only work 4 days a week, which includes my Head Office responsibilities and three groups and a coaching and consulting business!

As some of our members are affected by school holidays we recognise that it is more effective to have a large regional meeting in August and December which means it truly is a business that you can fit around your family and you can take every school holiday off.

Is It For You? ...

Well, you’ll need to bring a few things to the party to be a successful Athena franchisee. For example:

  1. Bags of enthusiasm and personality – a ‘’can do’ attitude!’
  2. Passion for Athena – a real belief in the service that you will be providing
  3. Some creative flair (although in fairness this is more of a bonus)
  4. An ability to get on well with other people

We are looking for motivated, personable women seeking to:

  1. Support business women and inspire them to create successful businesses
  2. Earn a full time income for part time hours
  3. Rapidly build a profitable business, with the support of an established and proven franchisor
  4. Be cash flow positive within three months of trading
  5. Create wealth by building a business with a lucrative resale value
  6. You will need to be comfortable talking to people about the benefits of networking and of course we will support you in the most effective ways to do that.